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Today, computer skills in business count, but computers, on their own, are of little use. The right software solution is a more elaborate tool, an interface between the computer and the user,but as it becomes increasingly complex, software often fail to do what it is designed to do, which is, to make business more efficient. Software can only be efficient if the user knows how to apply it and integrate it into existing systems. This is where CleanCodes Computer Network, Eket, steps in, to make your software work for you. We customise off-the-shelf software, integrating it into existing processes.


CleanCodes Computer Network, Eket, skills has historically been based in the training in computer appreciation/usage, networking, maintenance, upgrading, laptop repairs, and cyber interfacing. Over the last several years we have expanded our development strategy extensively into, webdesign, powerpoint presentation, webhosting, B2B and e-consult.


CleanCodes Computer Network , Eket experience in training, website design and deployment, presentation and content development put us in a position to take full advantage of all facets of your ICT needs. These combination of skills – leave us uniquely positioned to make e-solutions work for you, and that is where CleanCodes Computer Network is building its future… dare to come with us…




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Our Team

Emem Victor

Techie, Marketer

Ekpa, Ekanem

Designer, Web Dev

Hannah Sunday

Graphic Assist